Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are all my lights and plugs not working in a particular room?
A: Turn all your appliances off, and then plug them in one at a time to establish which appliance is tripping the RCD (fuse popping).

Q: Do you do appliance maintenance?
A: Yes, we can from oven and hob repairs to tools and extension leads.

Q: Is there somewhere where we can see the products?
A: Yes, we have a small showroom at Unit 3, 42 Tawn Place and we also have access to a showroom with extensive lighting choices with one of our preferred suppliers.

Q: Do you install heat pumps, air conditioning units, heaters, home automation?
A: Yes we do. We are able to complete all your electrical and wiring needs for your home, office, or other building site. We are accredited in Legrand home automation systems and also install C-bus automation/control and management system.

Q: Do you install data cabling and security systems?
A: Yes we can certainly do all of this for you.

Q: Do you pre-wire and fit off for renovations?
A: Yes we can give you full service for pre-wires, fit offs and electronic planning for your building project; whether that is a renovation or a new build.

Q: Finance/Planning when do we have to pay for all the work when building a new home?
A: When you are building a new home it is broken down into 4 payments. You are invoiced as below:
Builders Temporary Supply (BTS)
Underground Mains & Telecom cable installation
Fitoff - when house finished

Q: When do we pay for general maintenance electrical work?
A:Payment is required within 7 days following invoice.